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Things you might be wondering:

Who are you and why did you start Ask a Scientist?

I'm Juliana Gallin, a locally-grown graphic designer. I love going to science lectures and events, so came up with the idea of starting my own — with a casual and social aspect to it. The Ask a Scientist series came together so effortlessly that I think it was just meant to be. Only a day or two after the idea was hatched I already had a speaker and a venue lined up, and was tickled pink when a bunch of people actually showed up at AaS's very first event. It's been going swimmingly ever since.

Do I have to know anything about science to attend?

No! The AaS audience is composed of scientists and non-scientists alike. Our speakers can handle the most basic questions just as well as the arcane and technical ones.

How much does it cost?

Unless otherwise specified, all events are free. There's no two-drink minimum or anything obnoxious like that, but it helps out our venues (who generously host us free of charge) when you bring your appetites and enjoy a bite to eat while you're there.

Do I have to RVSP or make a reservation?

Nope, just show up. Some events can be very crowded though, so if you're determined to get in and get a comfortable seat, try to come on the early side.

Can kids come?

The talks are geared more toward an adult audience, but kids are certainly welcome. Some topics are more kid-friendly than others, so if you think they'll enjoy the subject matter then by all means bring them.

Where do you get all these amazing speakers?

Books, articles, and radio interviews provide me with about half of my speakers. If I'm reading about (or listening to) something interesting and the scientist in question happens to be local, I'll look him or her up and extend an invitation. The other half comes to me through word of mouth — friends and acquaintances who tell me about someone they know, or have heard about, who's doing some sort of fascinating research. I'm so grateful to all of the generous speakers who have graciously and enthusiastically volunteered their time to talk with us.


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